Tönning: Wadden Sea Explorers

Photo: A. Szczesinski

With the expert assistance of employees of the Environmental Study Center in the Youth Hostel Tönning, the pupils are literally getting down to the bottom of the Wadden Sea. On a mudflat excursion they explore the exciting world of the tidal flats, go on a microscopic voyage in the water laboratory and experience the diversity of the underwater world in the National Park Visitor Center Multimar Wattforum. Insights into topics such as coastal protection, climate change, overfishing and sustainable everyday life complete the program. The student-friendly youth hostel is located on the outskirts of the pretty harbour town Tönning and offers with a football field, volleyball court, barbecue pavilion, billiards and football table, disco as well as multimedia equipment many opportunities for leisure activities indoors and out.

Program (excerpt)

  • Mudflat discovery tour 
  • Experiments in the water laboratory 
  • Visit to the National Park Visitor Centre Multimar Wattforum


More Information:

Youth Hostel Tönning
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