Class trips

Photo: A. Szczesinski

With tens of thousands of pupils that visit the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site each year, the region ranges among the most popular destination for class trips. Visitor centres along the coast and on the islands offer unique learning experiences for all age groups – from playful nature experience to fascinating insights into science.


Esbjerg: Fish, Mud & Seals

Ribe: Vikings, Seals & Mud


Hallig Hooge: Climate Change and Challenges

Westerhever: Sustainable Wadden Experience

Tönning: Wadden Sea Explorers

Kotzenbüll: Watt Experience with all senses

Spiekeroog: Global thinking - local acting

Langeoog: Junior-Ranger on discovery tour

Norderney: As a natural scientist on the way through the island worlds

Juist: Stormy Watt and more


Ameland: Bird diversity as a live experience

Terschelling: Beach and Watt as far as the eye can see

Texel: Dynamic, various and specialized